Success around the Country

Lakewood™ Products is associated with a great deal of people all across the Organization. We are happy to share all of the great conquests of those we know. We would like to share a few of the awesome hunts over the past few months that we’ve been lucky enough to know about. For your viewing pleasure, Lakewood™ Products presents: Success around the Country.

James Blake, Lakewood™ Pro Staff, shared the success of his one of his friends. “My Buddy Scott arrowed this bruiser Just the other day. He is having a good year. Just returned from taking the new number 2 Banteng and now this. Yea haa!!!”

Spread Crushers also had an Awesome Hog and Duck hunt in November. Check out that Crazy Awesome Digi Camo Lakewood Case they’ve got!

Dick Scorzafava of Radical Hunter TV bested this great Buck.

Roger Raglin out in Northern Missouri had a lot of Success.

Hard Core Pursuit And as they always do, Hard Core Pursuit did it big! Nice Buck Mike!

Finally, a great kill by Dennis Erskine, hunting buddy of an Outfitter of Lakewood™ Products, bested this incredibly bull.

Lakewood™ Products is proud to be a part of all of the amazing and successful hunting and fishing adventures all over the world. From your backyard to the African Safari Lakewood™ Products will keep your hunting and fishing equipment protected and safe. Don’t go out in the field without the proper equipment, and don’t fall short when it comes to protecting that gear that could make or break a kill like one of these. Don’t let yourself be unprepared out in the field, get yourself a Lakewood™ Case today!

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