AZ Extreme Hunting

The AZ Extreme Hunting Team of CMC Skullworks is a Great group of Sportsmen who rough the hard Arizona terrain to best amazing creatures for the thrill and challenge of it. Lakewood™ Products is Proud to Sponsor this Great Group of Hunters! We enjoy being able to share with viewers the adventures and Spoils of their hard work. They are great group of people that work their hardest to bring home the gold. Take a look at their amazing victories and their adventures during 2014. We are glad to be a part of their Arizona Extreme Hunting Adventures!

Top Left to Bottom Right: Eric Forrest, Jenn Rose, Rick Forrest, and Robert Forrest.

During a hunt in November of 2014 the AZ Extreme Hunting Team was able to best 4 great Elk Bulls in the Arizona Terrain. Their stories and information can be found on their Facebook Page. We would like to share some picture of four of the team members’ kills from their November 2014 hunt. Also, Check out this Video of the Challenge and excitement of Eric Forrest as he tracks, calls, and conquers his Trophy Elk on the rough and rugged Arizona terrain. The Grand Elk Adventure with the AZ Extreme Hunting Team.

Our contact at AZ Extreme Hunting is Cole Van Winkle. He shared with us a story of his elk hunt and how he bested one of the biggest Coues Deer with a bow. He shared with us, and we want to share with you, the pictures of his spoils. Thanks to the determination and effort of the AZ Extreme Hunting Team we are able to share these awesome pictures and videos with you all. We are Proud to Sponsor this fine group of Sportsmen and look forward to their future victories. Congratulations to the AZ Extreme Hunting Team! Keep em’ Coming!

Why AZ Extreme uses Lakewood™ Bowfiles.

“The cases are working great and holding up the dry rough desert country we have been dragging them through here in Arizona. … We wanted to say thanks again for all your support and making a great bow case!” Cole Van Winkle, 2014

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