Spring Turkey Success for Tyler

By Lakewood Sales Representative, Tyler Lomibao

I drove to my family’s hunting property Friday after work to find turkeys already out in the fields that I planned on hunting. With the layout of the property I couldn’t hunt my primary spot without spooking the birds. I was able to sneak into my secondary spot within 150 yards of a tom and started calling, but the birds were quiet. Having hunted this property for the last 13 years, I knew they would be roosting close so I wasn’t too worried. Saturday morning I set up early in my primary spot, and like a well-timed alarm clock the turkeys started gobbling as soon as the sun began to break. I had about 8 toms and jakes gobbling within calling distance. As they sounded off, my uncle was in the lane that we park in, giving me a play by play of toms that were by my secondary spot. There’s 2 toms here, they just flew down, there’s 4 toms strutting in the field, and finally, a tom just crossed the road. With that tom breaking away from the rest of the flock and crossing the road onto another property we can hunt, I immediately jumped up from my primary spot, even left my decoys, and started running up the road.

My uncle picked me up and drove me around to the back side of the property to cut off the lone bird. I ran through 2 corn fields and jumped a creek to circle ahead of the bird. Once I was about 150 yards away, I belly crawled just inside the field edge another 50 yards before I started calling. It only took a few calls and he was committed. As I was laying there trying to break some brush to have a clear shot to the field, I caught movement about 40 yards away. The bird had snuck in quickly and I was caught without my gun up. He saw me moving and was nervous, but a few calls calmed him down and he started strutting. Slowly raised my gun as he strutted the last 10 yards and dropped him in his tracks.

He was a 21lb bird with an 8 ¾” beard. Most likely a less dominant bird that was pushed from the hens and more dominant toms in the main flock. it was a very exciting turkey hunt and even more exciting that my uncle was involved.



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