Host of Hardcore Pursuit TV

Lakewood Cases are the toughest, most durable bow and gun cases on the market today. We pack them into the back of a truck, pile tons of gear on top of them as we drive across North America and NEVER have had a sight be off on ANY gun or bow…. Thanks Lakewood!

Mike Pelletier

Host of Roger Raglin Outdoors

I never leave for a hunting trip without protecting my weapons with a gun or bow case from Lakewood.

Roger Raglin

Professional Muskie Angler

So many points make Lakewood boxes awesome: super-strong, "white" plastic comprises lure chambers with appropriate hook slots for all lure types. You can see your lures and hooks don't get stuck. The strength allows for even huge anglers to stand on them - essentially an extension of my casting deck while providing organization of all necessary release tools. And, if you feel like throwing it in the water or a friend does, it floats!

Pete Maina

Blake’s Adventures Inc.

I used the Lakewood double bow case on alligator hunts. It serves as a good protective place to hold my bows while on the boat. I use one bow to get a line into the gator then switch bows to use a hunting arrow to finish them off.

Bim Blake

Host @ Tex Mex Outdoors

I know that each and every time I pack up to travel the world to bow hunt, I can count on my equipment to arrive at my destination safely, intact and ready to bow hunt!

Jim 'Killer' Miller

Outdoor Writer

I started using a Lakewood Bow Case for travel as space and weight are at a premium. But I am just as pleased with the convenience and ease of use my Lakewood Products bow case provides when hunting on my own farm in Iowa. The design allows for the bow to be slipped into the case easily while leaving the quiver (with arrows) still attached! Great product! Truly this is the best bow case I have ever used.

Matt Harper

Personal Review

Whether I’m chasing antelope in Wyoming or sitting on a water hole in South Africa, there’s only one company I trust my gear with – and that’s Lakewood. We trust them and so can you.

Stacy Skaggs

Owner, Journey Hunts

My Lakewood bow case has traveled in vehicles and by plane for over 100,000 miles now and has perfectly protected my bow. I have also taken all of my camera equipment, thousands of dollars in value, all over the world and have protected them with Lakewood’s cases. If you are looking for a case to protect your guns, bows or camera equipment, look to Lakewood to protect it well.

Matt Guedes

Personal Review

Hands down the best cases I have ever used. They give me the peace of mind that my bow will always be ready to shoot when I get to my destination. As a combat veteran its great to know that they are 100% American made.

Brandon Archer

BVO Productions, LLC

Lakewood cases are my favorite! I travel all year and I love knowing that my bow or gun is going to be ready to go when I arrive. I know if a person would try them, they would feel the same.

Brandon Adams

Co-Host of Buckventures, The Woodsman

Super high-quality cases that not only keep your equipment well protected, but extremely organized!

Daniel McVay

Personal Review

Another great trophy! My Lakewood case keeps my bow safe and shooting sharp!

Strang Middleton

Personal Review

I’ve been using Lakewood products for years, and never been let down once. The best thing about the tip up box for ice fishing is there is never a tangled mess left from the weekend before. I use multiple musky boxes not only for tackle storage but also an extra casting deck in the boat. I started my fishing career using Lakewood products, and plan to finish that way.

Avery Smits

Major League Bowhunter

With a name like Major League Bowhunter, a person better take care of his bow! That’s why I use Lakewood bow cases! I know it will not only protect my bow but keeps all my bow accessories organized!

Jeff Danker

Host of Radical Hunter TV

Lakewood cases are overbuilt and I love the top loading, drop-in design. Talk about easy to load and unload. There is nothing else like it. Get one and you will see why they are the only case I will ever use for traveling with my bow or gun.

Dick Scorzafava

Personal Review

“The pedestal pal box works great! It is nice to have instant access to my favorite baits/tools for the day. I have already had a chance to grab it and fish in a buddy’s boat. It is convenient to just grab and go. It holds just the right amount of baits for an evening in someone else’s boat. Great design!”

Adam Oberfoell

Personal Review

Unequivocally the best case on the market. We have no other hardcase in our store.

Aaron Barton

Personal Review

I bow hunt Illinois were you have to case your bow while in the truck. With my Lakewood case, I can pick my bow up without ever taking the case out of my truck or removing the quiver. Best case ever!”

Tim Murphy

Host The Chronicles

Don’t be fooled by the soft outside exterior because the framework of the case will withstand enormous amounts of pressure and weight. No matter if my case is in the back of a truck or in the belly of an airplane my weapon is going to arrive able to do its job. The rest is on me. I have 100% confidence in my Lakewood Cases!

Brian Stephens

Pushin-4-You Plowing

I am in the market for a new bow, a high-dollar investment worthy of a new case! So searched for the “best” bow case and Lakewood popped up more often than not. After watching all the testimonials and videos, I was sold! I belong to a hunt club here in Illinois and will definitely be bragging to the boys about these cases!

Brian Berry